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Diane Prioux de Baudimont

Evaluation Officer
World Food Programme (WFP)

Duty Station Rome, Italy

UNEG Member Since 2010

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Born in 1962

Studies/certificates: Economics, Public Relations, Management

Professional experience : 10 years with the private sector (meeting industry/organizing events in several cities in Europe).  Over 15 years with the United Nations (UNDP and WFP) in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Knowledge Areas

Managing complex evaluations. Country Portfolio Evaluation (all operations/projects in a country covering a 5-year period), Regional Portfolio Evaluation, Strategic Evaluations (multi country and cross cutting issues) and Policy Evaluation.

I have managed the following evaluations, which resulted in evaluation reports presented to the WFP's Executive Board.  The below evaluation reports and related documents have been published on internet.

Mali:  Une evaluation du portfeuille d'activites du PAM (2003-2009)

Zimbabwe:  An evaluation of WFP's portfolio (2006-2010)

WFP's role in ending long-term hunger

Niger : Une evaluation du portefeuille d'activites du PAM (2007-2011)

Central America: An evaluation of WFP's Regional portfolio (2007-2011) (alo included the 2012-2013 regional strategic vision)

Indonesia: An evaluation of WFP's portfolio (2009-2013)

WFP's Nutrition Policy (ongoing)


Areas of Interests

Nutrition, Middle Income Countries, Capacity Development, undertaking research and developing TORs.

Hobbies: Anthropology, Palaeontology, Tennis, Hiking

My Publications