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This country programme evaluation covers over a decade of IFAD?s cooperation with Nepal (1999-2012). IFAD?s support during the evaluated period has concentrated on rural poverty alleviation through integrated agricultural and rural development programmes; leasehold forestry; and agricultural value chain development.

Overall, the IFAD/Nepal partnership is assessed to be moderately satisfactory, considering improvements in the later part of the period evaluated and mainly owing to the strong performance of the Poverty Alleviation Fund, jointly cofinanced by the World Bank and IFAD. Looking forward, the CPE recommends a paradigm shift to a two-pronged strategy combining a focus on developing profitable enterprises of economic scale along road corridors with poverty alleviation and addressing basic needs in remote areas ? as well as factoring in the role of remittances and the overall fragility of the country context.

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Agricultural Commercialization in Nepal's Hills and Mountains

Alleviating Rural Poverty in a Fragile Environment





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