IFAD Releases New Evaluation Products - Uganda

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This first country programme evaluation for Uganda covers the cooperation and partnership between IFAD and the Government of Uganda over the period 1998-2011. IFAD?s main contribution has been in developing the vegetable oil subsector, where support has been based on an innovative public-private partnership and a value-chain approach. The evaluation underlines that this is indeed a far-reaching achievement.

At the same time, the evaluation identifies a number of challenges regarding sustainability and the provision of rural finance, which is essential for promoting better incomes and food security. It also underlines that several agreed objectives and targets from the 1998 and 2004 country strategic opportunities programmes were not achieved. In the future, the main challenges for IFAD relate to disagreements on government policies and strategies for agriculture and rural development together with unpredictable and sudden policy changes.

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Promoting commercial smallholder agriculture

Value change development through public-private partnerships: opportunities and challenges for
small farmers


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