Evaluation Handbook: How to Design and Conduct a Country Programme Evaluation at UNFPA

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This is a revised edition of the 2013 Country Programme Evaluation Handbook, providing up-to-date guidance and tools to improve the methodology, quality and usability of country programme evaluations at UNFPA. The updated Handbook is in line with the latest development discourse and new strategic directions at UNFPA. It includes detailed and updated guidance on all steps in conducting and managing a country programme evaluation at UNFPA such as preparing for an evaluation, designing the evaluation, field work, reporting and facilitating use of evaluation results. The Handbook places special emphasis on facilitating use of evaluation results through strategic communications for greater accountability, decision-making and learning. It also includes an enhanced focus on mainstreaming human rights and gender equality in UNFPA country programme evaluations and provides guidance on evaluating UNFPA country programmes in humanitarian contexts. The Handbook is especially useful for evaluation managers for UNFPA country programme evaluations; evaluators undertaking evaluations commissioned by UNFPA and other stakeholders involved in the evaluation process. It is also a useful resource for international development evaluators and professionals.

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