Final Evaluation of the IOMC Toolbox for Decision Making in Chemicals Management Phase ll

IOMC-Evaluation-FinalReport_with Management response.pdf


The Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC) brings together nine UN and multilateral organizations that are involved in the coordination and promotion of chemical safety and sound chemicals management. Over time, these organizations have developed a significant quantity of publications, guidance, training material and decision-making tools relating to chemicals management. However, this material was dispersed across various online and offline platforms, and was difficult for policymakers and other prospective users to locate and access. Consequently, the IOMC established the Toolbox for Decision Making in Chemicals Management project to provide easier, web-based access to a consolidated, harmonised library of the various material and â?? just as importantly â?? to provide a structured decision-making tool that would guide users towards the most appropriate, cost-effective chemicals management solutions, according to their own national resource constraints.

Report Details


  • United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

Report Type

  • Project/Programme


  • Colombia

Completed Date

  • Oct 2017

Consultant Name

  • Ronnie MacPherson

Agency Focal Person

  • Brook Boyer

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  • 933

Joint Evaluation

  • No