Eastern Evaluation Research Society Annual Conference 2019


About the conference

As the world changes, the practice of program evaluation becomes increasingly complex. The interdisciplinary nature of the evaluation field is continually challenged by the need to develop new methods for studying complex adaptive systems, to identify new strategies for bridging different perspectives about truth and the use of information, and in ultimately translating the knowledge gained from evaluation into meaningful action.

While our field has grown in recent decades, so too have related disciplines that build evidence and produce knowledge for society. Within this context, evaluators maintain a clear purpose and process to remain relevant and credible in an ever-changing and evolving world. Join EERS in 2019 as we discuss how the evaluation profession continues to adapt.

As you reflect on content to present, consider the following topics:

  • Challenges and solutions for adapting, translating, or sharing useful knowledge and actionable evaluations
  • Evaluation of complex systems, including cross-sector initiatives, networks, collaborations, and collective impact
  • Examples linking evaluation research and practice through partnerships
  • Novel applications of theory on various phenomena of interest
  • Successful examples of mitigating and overcoming barriers to evaluation capacity
  • Emerging data analysis methods and types of evidence to meet or adapt to changing needs of stakeholders, policymakers, and evaluation commissioners
  • Role of evaluation within the larger evidence-building community

Full details available on the EERS website. 

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  • Conference/ Symposium


  • North America / United States of America

Start Date

  • 03 May 2019

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  • 07 May 2019

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  • Yes

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