Vacancy Announcement Details

Deputy Director, Inspection and Evaluation (D1)

06 Jun 2022


The Office of Internal Oversight Services is the internal oversight body of the United Nations and assists the Secretary-General in fulfilling his oversight responsibilities in respect of the resources and staff of the Organization through the provision of audit, investigation, and inspection and evaluation services. IED performs independent inspections and evaluations on behalf of the Secretary-General and the Member States. The purpose of these activities is to assist intergovernmental bodies and programme managers to determine the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact of Secretariat’s programmes. In accordance with its mandate, set forth in General Assembly resolution A/RES/48/218 B (and subsequent resolutions A/RES/54/244 and A/RES/59/272), the role of IED is to ensure that the Secretariat’s programmes are delivered within prescribed mandates and, at the same time, entities and Member States review their performance and results in order to promote training and development in the whole Organization.

Within the limits of the powers delegated to him/her, the Deputy Director will be responsible for the following functions:

• Providing guidance and supervising the preparation of evaluation and inspection reports;
• Presenting and defending evaluation reports and providing related substantive servicing to the Committee for Programme and Coordination and the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly; defending inspection reports before the General Assembly; maintaining regular dialogue with Member States on issues related to evaluation;
• Establishing guidelines for self-evaluation by programme managers that include quality standards, methodology and the adaptation of evaluation information and ad hoc studies;
• Supporting the Director in strategic risk assessment, and formulating and implementing the substantive work programme of the Division. Overseeing the management of activities undertaken by the Division;
• Ensuring that programme activities are carried out in a timely fashion and coordinating the work in the different areas both within the Division and OIOS, and with other organizations of the United Nations System, as appropriate;
• As needed, providing leadership and technical guidance in carrying out complex and significant substantive inspection and evaluation assignments, including risk assessments and work planning;
• Leading and supervising the Division's inspection and evaluation assignments, providing substantive reviews of the assignment planning drafts prepared by others, and ensuring that reports are of a high-quality and meet mandates and required standards;
• Leading, developing and implementing, under the Director's supervision, the Division's strategy for implementation of the Secretariat Evaluation Support function;
• Undertaking or overseeing office management and administrative matters necessary for the functioning of the Division, including preparing budgets, reporting on programme performance in the context of results-based management, assessing staff performance and candidates for recruitment taking due account of geographical balance;
• Managing, guiding, developing and training Division staff; fostering teamwork and communication among staff in the Division and across organizational boundaries;
• Providing programmatic/substantive expertise on issues relating to inspection and evaluation; 
• Co-ordinating and overseeing the preparation of reports for presentation to intergovernmental bodies such as the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budget Questions, Committee for Programme Coordination, Economic and Social Council, the General Assembly and other policy-making organs, as appropriate;
• Leading and supervising the organization of meetings, seminars, etc. on substantive issues relevant to the work of the Division; managing the substantive preparation and organization of such meetings or seminars;
• Performing other related duties as requested by the Director, including but not limited to participating in meetings, seminars, etc. on substantive related issues and representing the Division at inter-divisional meetings of OIOS, international, regional and inter-agency meetings, seminars and conferences; and,
• Representing the Division at international, regional or national meetings

Full details available on the UN Careers website. Application deadline 17th July.