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Call for EOI: ndependent mid-term evaluation of the "ILO/PROSPECTS" programme, at the global and country level

20 Jun 2022


Call for EOI and ToRs - MTE ILO PROSPECTS.pdf

The ILO Evaluation Office is seeking Expressions of Interest from consultants (preferably a team composed of individual international consultants and national consultants who have previous experience working together, or a company that puts the team together) to conduct an independent mid-term evaluation of the “ILO/PROSPECTS” programme, at the global and country level. 

The following call is composed of three components:

1.                   Instructions for submission of EOI (Deadline: 5 July 2022)

2.                   Terms of Reference for the ILO/PROSPECTS mid-term independent evaluation

3.                   Questions and Answers: This component aims to address frequently asked questions from potential consultants. Interested candidates may send questions to the Evaluation Manager ( until 24 June 2022, and answers will be provided on 27 June 2022. Please check or follow ILO_EVAL on Twitter for updates to the Q&A section.

Required Information for Submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Interested candidates intending to submit an EOI must provide the following information:

  • A 4-5 page proposal describing how the skills, qualifications and experience of the candidates/team are relevant to the required qualifications of this assignment, and the proposed approach/methodology to conduct this evaluation. Information on past experience conducting multi-country/complex evaluations is encouraged. The proposal should clearly identify the lead evaluator, roles and responsibilities of team members, as well as communication and reporting lines between them. It should include a tentative workplan with dates;
  • A copy of the CVs of all the team members, highlighting previous assignments that are relevant to the context and topic of this assignment, as well as languages spoken;
  • A list of previous evaluations where the candidate or team leader was the lead author, that are relevant to the context and subject matter of this assignment (especially Forcibly Displaced Persons and socio-economic inclusion in protracted situations), including links (or attachments) to at least two full evaluation reports;  
  • A statement confirming their availability to conduct this assignment; 
  • A financial offer confirming the candidate’s daily professional fee expressed in US dollars, and any additional expenses. In case of a team, the contribution and fees of each team member should be clearly presented;
  • A statement confirming that none of the candidates/team members are engaged or have any previous involvement in the implementation of ILO/PROSPECTS or have a personal relationship with any of the ILO Officials who are engaged in this programme; any links to ILO should clearly be highlighted and explained;
  • Names and contact details (including email) of two referees who can be contacted for reference.

For further details about the evaluation, please see the Terms of Reference.

The deadline to submit an Expression of Interest for undertaking this evaluation is Tuesday 5 July 2022, by 17:00 hrs CET. Applications should be sent by e-mail with the subject header “ILO/PROSPECTS Mid-term Evaluation” to the Evaluation Manager, Ms. Magali Bonne-Moreau ( and copy to Ms. Naomi Asukai,