Vacancy Announcement Details

Communication and Uptake Associate

05 Oct 2018


The GCF IEU is seeking to recruit a Junior Communication and Uptake Associate. The Associate will be responsible for supporting IEU’s communications and uptake strategy, in particular by supporting awareness, capacity building and communication needs of the Unit. The Associate will need to be proficient in two key things: on the language and communications side heshe will be proficient in writing and speaking and communicating with internal and external stakeholders as well as across different platforms. He/she will be a leader in state-of-the-art social media tools, communications techniques and strategic outreach. He/she should have superlative copy-editing skills to develop and disseminate key messages internally and externally of the Green Climate Fund. He/she will provide support to ensure that IEU’s communication strategy is state-of-the-art and multi-platform and speaks with a diversity of audiences while advocating for the need and use of high-quality credible evidence. On the advocacy and uptake side, he/she will be excellent in doing background relevant research that strengthens IEU’s internal and external strategic engagement. He/she will be adept in behavioral change strategies and communication campaign building and also undertake related research to strengthen IEU’s position in advocating for and ensuring the uptake of high-quality evidence for policy. He/she will recognize that use of evaluations is not just a function of high quality and timing but also knowing and engaging closely with a diverse set of stakeholders and building a coalition of support. Therefore, the Associate will support the team’s task to ensure IEU is using state-of-the-art methods to assure uptake and use of evaluative evidence using behavioral insights, transformational change and targeted communication techniques in this respect. He/she will also be aware of key events around the world and internally and inform and facilitate IEU’s strategic engagement with them. The Associate will support the dissemination of outcomes of evaluations, evaluation synthesis and co-produced learning and uptake products in partnership with other evaluation organizations. The position requires a wide set of skills – communication and dissemination of learning products and a good understanding of monitoring and evaluation work as well as climate change stakeholders. The Associate should have a keen instinct to learn and train his/herself in skills that he/she may not have at the beginning. He/she should be someone who sees his/herself as an innovator and potential leader in this field and who is keenly aware of and can demonstrate mastery over these communication and uptake skills. Report directly to the Head of the Independent Evaluation Unit or his/her delegate.

Full details are available on the GCF website. Application deadline 23 Oct.