Vacancy Announcement Details

Evaluation of UNHCR prevention of and response to SGBV in Brazil focusing on the Population of Concern from Venezuela

08 Oct 2018


Preventing and responding to Sexual and Gender based Violence (SGBV) is a core component of UNHCR’s protection mandate. SGBV prevention and response mainstreaming, as well as dedicated interventions, are life-saving and must begin at the very outset of an emergency. Yet critical programming gaps often remain.

The subject of this evaluation is UNHCR’s interventions to prevent, mitigate and respond to SGBV affecting the population of concern from Venezuela in Brazil. The evaluation is expected to cover SGBV- specific programming and coordination as well as SGBV risk prevention, mitigation and response across sectors.

This decentralised evaluation is the first initiated by UNHCR in Brazil to feature a primary focus on SGBV including from a mainstreaming perspective. It is part of a series of evaluations initiated in UNHCR between 2017 and 2018 focusing on SGBV prevention and response in different regions and operational settings, with a view of producing a meta-analysis across all evaluations in 2019.

Uniquely, this evaluation is expected to offer a unique opportunity to learn from SGBV programming part of a larger scaled up protection response in a country now included in a Level 2 (L2) emergency in relation to the unfolding Venezuela situation1. It will also offer the opportunity to focus on a population group that includes indigenous population and LGBTI individuals, and learn from the ongoing experience of a programme of voluntary internal relocation of Venezuelans from the Roraima State towards other federal states in Brazil.

Full details available on the UNHCR website. Deadline for application: 21 October 2018 at midnight (Geneva time)