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UNEG Mapping of Existing Certification and Accreditation Schemes in the Field of Evaluation

03 Jan 2019


The United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG)  is  a  professional  network  that  brings  together  the  units responsible for  evaluation  in  the  UN  system.  It  aims  to  promote  the  independence,  credibility and usefulness of the evaluation  function  and  evaluation  across  the  UN  system. 

Under Strategic Objective 1 of the UNEG Strategy 2014-2019, the Working Group on Professionalization (WGP) works on UNEG’s vision to advance the professionalization of evaluation within the UN system and to promote adherence to the norms and standards.

Over the past years, emphasis was placed on the development, review and dissemination of an Evaluation Competency Framework (ECF), which was revised in 2016 to include competencies not only for evaluators but also evaluation commissioners and evaluation heads. In 2018, the WGP commissioned a pilot review of the ECF. The review concluded that the ECF was a highly relevant document for UNEG and the UN in general, there was a need to enhance its use through e.g. the provision of tools and learning solutions in order to fill gaps in competencies.

The WGP’s current work plan includes activities aimed at enhancing the use of the ECF and, based on the recommendations of the review of the ECF pilots and the outcomes of a Professionalization Round Table meeting in May 2018, also exploring the linkage between individual evaluation competencies and certification and accreditation schemes.

General objectives of the contract

To  lay  the  groundwork  for  its  future   work   for  developing certification, accreditation and possibly credentialing within the UN, the WGP is commissioning a mapping exercise of existing certification and/or accreditation initiatives and their links to the competencies of the ECF. The WG anticipates the mapping exercise to show that a number of professional evaluation associations, societies and networks have already begun to create schemes for certifying competencies and/or credentialing and/or licensing evaluators.  The WG is seeking the services of a consultant to conduct this mapping exercise. This document outlines the terms of reference for the assignment.

Responsibilities/description of professional services

The consultancy involves two elements:

  • A mapping of existing certification and/or accreditation schemes of individual evaluation competencies to inform existing practices and the state of the art in certifying and accrediting competencies of evaluators/evaluation commissioners and managers. The mapping exercise should look at existing schemes within the UN, such as the ILO’s Evaluation Manager Certification Program, as well as from outside the UN, including those of professional evaluation associations, societies and networks at the national and regional levels. The academic world should also be included, in connection with accredited University degree programs or executive certification programs in evaluation, for instance. The mapping exercise should include information to allow a comparison between the different existing schemes, such as the associated costs.
  • Critical appraisal of the existing certification and/or accreditation schemes in the field of evaluation and how they have been used with a view to identifying good practices and key gaps.  Recommendations of possible paths to develop certification, accreditation and possibly credentialing are expected. UNEG does not aim to duplicate systems that are being put in place by others outside of the UN system. Rather, founded on this report’s recommendations, UNEG would assess the extent to which such experiences and approaches could / should be replicated to the UN and/or customized, or rather if a new approach is required.

On the basis of the above, the consultant will prepare the draft report. The report should be no longer than 25 pages in length, supported by ample annexes and examples/illustrations. Its key feature should be forward-looking recommendations towards future UNEG use of certification/accreditation/ credentialing schemes.  Recommendations regarding the format of practical implementation guidance are also expected. The report of the consultancy will be used as part of the Working Group's side event presentation at the African Evaluation Association’s (AfrEA) International Conference in March 2019 and the 2019 UNEG Annual General Meeting.

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