Vacancy Announcement Details

Evaluation Consultant -  Evaluation of UNRWA Neutrality Training (elearning) Progamme

30 Jul 2020


UNRWA is looking for an evaluation consultant to assess its neutrality e-learning training. With a workforce of 30,000, the relevance and effectiveness of its training on UN humanitarian and neutrality principles is paramount. It is expected that the evaluation will need to be conducted on a fully remote basis. Responses to the request for expressions of interest are due by 13 August.


To plan, conduct and report on evaluation of the neutrality training course and the activities that complement it in accordance with the detailed TORs below. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing the following data to inform the evaluation:
    • Literature review of social media, neutrality and related process documents
    • Interviews
    • Course impact assessment
    • Online survey
    • Benchmarking analysis
  • Proposing a theory-based, adaptive and innovative methodology for the evaluation;
  • Where relevant, adapting the scope and design during the inception phase;
  • Producing a coherent set of assessments across all fields of operation and headquarters as well as synthesis on results using the field studies as the principal evidence base;
  • Using studies from the field and headquarters to tell a coherent story, answering the overarching questions, as well as the synthesis;
  • Using mixed methods (quantitative, qualitative and parcipatory) to answer the evaluation questions, to ensure triangulation of information through a variety of means.

Full details available: Evaluation Consultant -  Evaluation of UNRWA Neutrality Training (elearning) Progamme. Deadline 13th August.