Vacancy Announcement Details

Consultant for Post-Facto Evaluation of Completed Projects under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Sub-Fund of the UN Peace and Development Fund (UNPDF)

18 Jan 2021


An external evaluation consultant (henceforth referred to as the “Evaluator”) is expected to conduct the evaluation for the duration of six months. During the inception phase, the Evaluator will undertake an initial documentation review and, as necessary, consultation with select stakeholders, and prepare an inception report, which will present the final evaluation questions, approach and methodology, including a list of stakeholders to be consulted, and draft data collection instruments. The data collection phase of the evaluation will run for approximately six weeks, followed by the data analysis phase. The Evaluator will prepare and submit a draft evaluation report for a review by the Evaluation Manager with the final evaluation report expected two weeks prior to the completion of consulting service. The timelines of the evaluation, however, will be adjusted as necessary based on any circumstances beyond control of the Evaluation Manager, further business disruptions and access challenges caused by the ongoing COVID-19 situation. 

The evaluation will cover all areas of the completed projects’ activities of the 2030 Agenda Sub-Fund (knowledge exchange, capacity building, research and advisory services, and partnerships). Given the resources available for this evaluation, the limited data availability and the objective of producing forward-looking recommendations to improve the 2030 Agenda Sub-Fund projects’ implementation, the primary focus of the evaluation will be on the assessment of 8 completed projects during the 3-year period of implementation from March 2017 to March 2020. 

Full details are available on the UN careers website. Deadline for applications: 5 March