Vacancy Announcement Details

Consultancy for the development of the UNESCO IOS Synthetic review of evaluations 2021

12 Feb 2021


The IOS Evaluation Office is seeking a consultant to review UNESCO corporate evaluations (primarily at strategic, thematic/portfolio level) and decentralised devaluations (primarily at project level) in the fields of education, culture, natural and social and human sciences, as well as in the field of communication and information that were completed over 2020/early 2021 and produce a synthetic review report. The results of the synthetic review will be presented to the 212th session of the Executive Board in autumn 2021.

Description of Responsibilities:

Under the authority of the Director of IOS and the Evaluation Office, the main tasks of the consultant shall include:

  • reviewing approximately 25-30 evaluation reports (indicatively up to 15 decentralized evaluations and up to 15 corporate evaluations);

  • analysing and synthesizing the information contained in the reports into three broad areas: programme results (against the Organization’s Expected Results (i.e. outcomes) as defined in the UNESCO Programme and Budget (40 C/5) for 2020/21); performance against OECD/DAC evaluation criteria; cross-cutting achievements and challenges;

  • assessing/validating the quality of the reports in particular against the UNEG Quality Checklist for Evaluation Reports;

  • producing a report of 30 pages maximum excluding annexes, including a visual depiction of the evaluation portfolio, as well as visuals and other communication outputs, such as a two pager and /or infographics.

Full details available on the UNGM website. Deadline for applications 24 February 2021, midnight Paris time.