Evaluation of Primary Preparation Year (PPY) Programme in Solomon Islands



The Government of Solomon Islands has decided to roll out a one-year Primary Preparation Year (PPY) program for all children aged 5. The PPY curriculum intended to prepare children aged 5 years for primary school ensuring foundation skills for entry to primary education. The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) defined a plan to train teachers on the new curriculum and trial and roll out PPY nationwide in 2019. MEHRD developed the PPY curriculum with support from UNICEF, and it was piloted in Guadalcanal and Malaita provinces and Honiara city in 2018. Over 1000 teachers nationwide were trained in 2019 to prepare for national roll-out. The PPY program is being rolled out during a time of change to the education legislative framework with the Education Bill 2021 set down for enactment during the latter half of 2021. Solomon Islands’ National Education Action Plan (NEAP) will be finalized and approved in July 2021. As a significant new investment and commitment on the part of the Government, PPY needs to demonstrate achievements and results in its first year of implementation, and to identify challenges and needed improvements and plans to strengthen the program model and implementation at scale. This evaluation sets out to assess the performance of the PPY model as regards to its effectiveness, relevance, efficiency, and sustainability with an aim to inform decision-making for future PPY program and planning for effective implementation of the program at scale in Solomon Islands. By providing sound and credible evidence on what works, what does not work, how and why, the formative evaluation serves a dual purpose of both enhancing accountability and informing decision-making processes, especially MEHRD’s and UNICEF’s future strategies and program development in education. The primary audience of the evaluation are key partners in MEHRD, the Education Section within UNICEF Pacific and UNICEF Solomon Islands Field Office.

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  • Oct 2023

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