Vacancy Announcement Details

Knowledge Management and Uptake Specialist

07 Feb 2024


The Knowledge Management and Uptake Specialist will ensure that IEU evaluation reports and other knowledge products and their supporting briefs and syntheses are provided to the GCF Board, the GCF Secretariat and also to the UNFCCC COP, while adhering to the respective reporting requirements and keeping with the specified timelines. In addition to the evaluation reports, the Specialist will lead the effort in preparing and submitting the IEU activities and annual reports ahead of the GCF Board meetings and also in drafting the IEU chapter of the GCF’s annual report to the UNFCCC COP. 

The Specialist will also ensure that the knowledge management and sharing function of the Unit is executed. Knowledge and lessons learned are internally archived at the IEU and that the IEU members are aware of and have access to this wealth of information created by the Unit. The IEU has establish a repository and synthesis of evaluation evidence and recommendations. The IEU disseminates its evaluation evidence not only within the GCF ecosystem but also within the wider evaluation, climate and environment landscape. S/he will support the internal capacity-building effort of the IEU and the knowledge sharing function externally in this regard. The Specialist may also supervise, train and mentor junior staff, consultants and interns of the IEU. 

The Specialist will also play a role in synthesizing the findings and lessons learned from IEU evaluations, producing summaries and briefs, and develop channels to inform the Board and the Secretariat, NDAs, implementing entities, observer organizations, as well as stakeholders. The Specialist will ensure that the synthesized information and knowledge get disseminated and shared effectively with the various stakeholders at conferences and events, such as webinars and Board meeting side events, and prestigious global conferences on evaluation and climate finance. S/he will work with the IEU partners, academia and actors in the climate, environment and evaluation space. The Specialist will also represent the IEU in internal and external events and conferences and present the relevant IEU evaluation findings and lessons learned.

Full details on the GCF website. Application deadline 21 February.