SDG Achievement Fund (Observer)

SDG Achievement Fund (Observer)

The Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG-F) is a development cooperation mechanism created in 2014 by UNDP, on behalf of the UN system, with an initial contribution of the Government of Spain to support sustainable development activities through integrated and multidimensional joint programmes. It builds on the experience, knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices of the MDG Fund and the MDG experience, while expanding its activities towards sustainable development, public-private partnerships and gender and women’s empowerment as cross-cutting priorites in all our areas of work. The SDG-F aims to serve as a bridge in the transition from MDGs to SDGs providing concrete experiences on “how” to achieve a sustainable and inclusive world post 2015.

The SDG-F Secretariat is based at UNDP headquarters in New York. It has a US$ 60 million portfolio comprising 18 on-going Joint Programmes in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and a team of 14 staff and consultants. 



Evaluation Function Snapshot Independence Agenda Setting & Evaluation Planning Quality Assurance Use of Evaluation Joint Evaluation

Evaluation Function

The SDG-F’s Terms of Reference provide basis for development and implementation of Joint Programmes including results-based management and monitoring and evaluation. 

Based on the guidance provided in the TOR, all Joint Programmes are responsible for designing their own M&E frameworks, including developing a quantitative and qualitative baseline during the implementation phase, and a final evaluation at the end of the joint programme. 

Approval of Joint Programmes by the Steering Committee is based on the elaboration of a sound M&E framework. 




Current Priorities:

•    Reviewing baseline studies 
•    Routine M&E work of ongoing 20 Joint Programmes 
•    Preparations for monitoring missions 
•    Disseminating M&E work of the Fund




Final evaluations are conducted by external evaluators with quality assurance as per UN norms.

Agenda Setting & Evaluation Planning

The SDG-F TOR defines the scope of the Fund's M&E strategy in assessing its work at programme, thematic and global levels. The unit's programme of work is submitted for review and approval to the Director of the Fund and its Steering Committee. 



Quality Assurance

In the preparation phase of all of its final evaluations, the SDG-F Evaluation Unit provides comprehensive guidance to its country teams, establishing quality standards based on UNEG norms and standards for evaluation, developing generic Terms of Reference (TORs) and providing advisory support on evaluation process and methods. 

Use of Evaluation

The results of the global evaluation of the work of the MDG Fund shaped the terms of the reference of the SDG-F, its operations, the design and implementation of the Joint Programmes. 

Joint Evaluation

All SDG-F programme evaluations are joint in nature - they assess an entire joint programme without distinction between the various agencies that have taken part in its implementation. Final evaluations are commissioned by the RC, and financed and managed by joint programme teams. 



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