Evaluation of the UN-Habitat Liaison Offices

UN-Habitat Evaluation of Liaison Offices.pdf (825 KB / English)


The evaluation of the UN-Habitat liaison offices was conducted at the request of UN-Habitat management. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the roles, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and implications of the new reform of UN-Habitat on the liaison offices.

Specially, the evaluation focused on key functions of the liaison offices in terms of organizational and technical representation, information sharing, advocacy and outreach, building of partnerships and resource mobilization. Key achievements of the liaison offices and their challenges were assessed and analysed together with three scenarios for maintaining status quo, concentrating on liaison functions or strengthening the liaison offices.

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  • Laura Olsen


  • UNEG Members' Publications


  • Sep 2013


  • 2955


  • UNEG Secretariat