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UNEG Partnership Strategy 2021

Jun 2021

The UNEG Partnership Strategy 2021 is an update of the first UNEG Partnership Strategy (2018) was prepared by the UNEG Partnerships Working Group under Strategic Objective 4 of the Capacity development Professionalisation Programme of Work UNEG Strategy

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UNEG Strategy 2020-2024

Oct 2019

This UNEG Strategy outlines UNEG's self-defined role, vision and mission, and Strategic Objectives for 2020-2024. It was prepared by an internal Working Group and underwent extensive consultation with the UNEG membership. The new Strategy reflects the current ...

Tag: Capacity development Programme of Work

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UNEG Partnership Strategy

Nov 2018

The objective of the UNEG Partnership Strategy is to guide UNEG members when selecting, prioritizing, establishing and successfully managing partnerships to achieve shared goals in the world of evaluation.

The Strategy was prepared by the UNEG Partnershi...

Tag: Approaches and Methods UNEG Strategy

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UNEG Strategy Introduction

Feb 2014

This power point presentation outlines UNEG's new strategy for 2014 - 2019.

Tag: UNEG Secretariat

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UNEG Strategy 2014-2019

Nov 2013

The UNEG Strategy 2014-2019 was finalized and published following the UNEG Annual General Meeting in New York, in April 2013 and the UNEG Extraordinary Meeting in Rome, in September 2013. This document was updated in May 2015 as Section 4 "How We Will Work Together?...

Tag: UNEG Secretariat UNEG Strategy

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