Professional Peer Review of the UNRWA Evaluation Function and Management Response

UNRWA Peer Review Report Nov 2015.pdf (1658 KB / English)

UNRWA Management Response to the Peer Review.pdf (435 KB / English)


This Professional Peer Review of the evaluation function of UNRWA was carried out under the provisions contained in the United Nations Evaluation Group Framework for Professional Peer Reviews of the Evaluation Function of UN organizations. It is the first Peer Review of UNRWA's evaluation function and was carried out at the request of UNRWA.

The purpose of the Peer Review is to: a) Enhance knowledge, confidence and use of evaluation within UNRWA; b) Advance UNRWA's evaluation normative framework; c) Stimulate/encourage dialogue between various key stakeholders on expectations and the role of the evaluation function leading to strengthened organizational performance; d) Encourage a culture of evaluation, learning and accountability within UNRWA. The Management Response to the Peer Review is now also available to be download.

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