UNEG Programme of Work 2022

UNEG Programme of Work 2022.pdf (926 KB / English)


The UNEG Work Plan 2022 has been developed around our three Strategic Objectives: 

  • SO1: Develop and safeguard professional norms, standards and guidance
  • SO2: Enhance professionalization and capacity 
  • SO3: Influence policy-making and operational work through evaluations

262 staff from 35 member agencies are participating in the 17 work groups that will deliver on these Strategic Objectives:


  • Peer Review Working Group
  • Ethics Working Group
  • Gender, Disability and Human Rights Working Group
  • Environment and Social Impact Working Group
  • Private Sector Interest Group  (new interest group in 2022)


  • Professionalisation Working Group
  • Methods Use and Appropriateness Working Group
  • Evaluating Policy Influence and Normative Working Group
  • Evaluating Capacity Development Working Group
  • Evaluation Synthesis Interest Group
  • Decentralised Evaluation Interest Group
  • Evaluation Practice Exchange Organising Committee


  • Humanitarian Evaluation Interest Group
  • COVID-19 Working Group
  • UN Cooperation Framework Working Group
  • National Evaluation Capacity Development Working Group
  • Peacebuilding Working Group (new working group in 2022)

The UNEG Partnerships Working Group will also be continuing its work to improve implementation of UNEG’s Partnership Strategy and partnership building, and cooperation between UNEG, UNEG Working Groups and its partners

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