IEO - UNDP Webinar | Lessons from Evaluations: Civil Society Engagement in Leave No-One Behind Programming


Dear colleagues, 
The leave no-one behind (LNOB) principle is a global commitment to eradicate poverty, discrimination, and exclusion, and to reduce the inequalities and vulnerabilities that undermine the potential of individuals and humanity at large.

At the UNDP Independent Evaluation Office, we want to foster dialogue about how UNDP engages with civil society for LNOB programming. We cordially invite you to an interactive webinar featuring lessons from UNDP’s work in this area, to scrutinize what works, what doesn’t and why.

We will meet virtually through the Zoom Webinar Link. Please enroll and add to your calendars!

Read the full Reflections paper on civil society engagement in leave no one behind programming here.


The event is a part of our Reflections series, which offers lessons from past evaluations gathered over the last 10 years of UNDP’s work. Through rapid evidence assessments, the Reflections provide evidence-based advice to UNDP country offices and other decision-makers to help them build on what works and what doesn’t in different contexts. Since its launch in 2020, 17 papers were produced on various topics, under the framework of the Signature Solutions.

Follow the series in 2022 for our upcoming papers with a focus on the ‘directions of change’ outlined in UNDP’s Strategic Plan (structural transformation, leaving no-one behind and building resilience) and 'enablers’ to improve development programming (strategic innovation, digitalization and development financing).

Event Details

Lead Organization


  • Webcast/Webinar


  • North America / United States of America

Start Date

  • 25 May 2022

End Date

  • 25 May 2022

Contact Person

  • Jaqueline Rabelo Souza