Vacancy Announcement Details

Evaluation Officer P-3

02 Apr 2024


Main Responsibilities


3.1 Evaluate the content of verification-related information provided by States Parties under Articles III, IV, V and VI and execute the follow-up with State Parties, if needed.
· Evaluate declarations and other Article III, IV, V and VI related information and ensure accuracy, and consistency with the CWC’s requirements. 
· Identify the issues to be clarified with State Parties and follow-up.
· Resolve ambiguities/inconsistencies arising from declaration-related submissions with respective States Parties.
· Report all inconsistencies in declarations/reports/plans submitted by States Parties.
· Follow-up with States Parties on delayed/absent submissions.
· Participate in meetings with States Parties and draft appropriate correspondence to clarify ambiguities.
· Undertake duty travel when required.

3.2  Provide accurate, complete and timely inputs to DEB reports on declarations to the Director General and Policy Making Organs of the OPCW (the Executive Council and the Conference of the States Parties).
· Develop databases containing up-to-date Article III, IV, V and VI declaration-related data.
· Provide inputs to reports and documents on the status of verification activities for OPCW Management and for the Policy Making Organs of the OPCW.
· Maintain all relevant information for Challenge Inspections to be available within the given timelines.

3.3  Develop the Section’s business processes and procedures and ensure that they are reflected in the relevant Quality Management System Documents (QDOCs).
· Perform work in compliance with the existing SOPs, WIs, QDOCs and Manual.
· Make proposals regarding improvement of current business processes and procedures and assist in the development of new QDOCs and/or Manuals.

3.4 Contribute to the work of other Verification Division units.
· Provide assistance during technical briefings to the inspection teams on the declared facility to be inspected.
· Assist in the preparation of reports on declaration-related issues.
· Liaise with other units of the OPCW in the preparation and delivery of training.
· Participate in projects or collaborations with OPCW’s partnering organisations or entities associated with improved implementation of the CWC’s provisions, such as the World Customs Organisation (WCO).

3.5  Develop DEB outreach materials.
·  Recommend support materials for State Parties.
· Ensure existing materials are kept up-to-date in line with Executive Council (EC) decisions and OPCW policy decisions, etc.
·  Participate in the revision of DEB declaration tools such as the Declaration Handbook, Handbook on Chemicals, and other tools.
· Make appropriate presentations and report back on the proceedings of events such as States Parties’ meetings, conferences, trainings, etc.
· Keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of chemical demilitarisation, chemical industry processes related to scheduled chemicals and assess possible impact to the verification regime. 

Full details on the OPCW website. Application deadline 10th April.