Vacancy Announcement Details

Manager, Finance, Private Sector, Sustainable Development and Infrastructure Unit of IEG (IEGFS)

03 Apr 2024

World Bank

The Manager of IEGFS reports to the IEGSP Director and is a member of IEGSP Leadership Team as well as of IEG’s Extended Leadership Team (ELT). The Manager is accountable for performing the responsibilities, modeling the behaviors, and maintaining the technical competencies listed below. Accountability means being answerable for managing quality, risks, results, institutional initiatives, and compliance with WBG policies and procedures. 


Specifically, the manager of IEGFS has the following responsibilities:


Business and Work Program Management


*  Leads development of the work program in IEGFS, identifying strategic priorities and deliverables that promote accountability and learning under the guidance of the IEGSP Department Director. 

*  Oversees and coordinates effective and efficient delivery of the Unit work program, including but not limited to thematic and sectoral evaluations, EINs, Les, PPARs or micro product related work. 

*  Exercises quality control over such work, in line with IEG quality assurance standards and processes, including ensuring appropriate methods and data are used (in collaboration with the Methods Head) and reviewing outputs and providing feedback at appropriate stages of the evaluation process. 

*  Supports the IEGSP Director in making mid-course corrections of Departmental strategy and approaches, and refines and implements the Unit strategy and approaches, in line with IEG strategic directions and results framework, approved work program, and Board guidance. 

*  Is an active member of the IEGSP leadership teams. The IEGSP leadership team comprises the three managers of IEGSP and two technical leads (of the Finance and Private sector area and the Sustainable Development and Infrastructure area, respectively). In this role, IEGFS manager is expected to collaborate closely with all members of the IEGSP management and leadership teams and to take responsibility for selected cross-department activities, including for example leading the preparation of IEGSP inputs to IEG’s quarterly reports to the Board and the organization of department retreats.

*  Works regularly with the Managers of other IEG units outside of IEGSP  to ensure coordinated delivery of the main responsibilities of IEG.

*  Provides intellectual leadership across IEG on the issues covered by IEGFS, including for example leading or assisting in the preparation of just in time notes for relevant stakeholders in the areas covered by the IEGFS unit and the IEGSP department.

*  Contributes to cross-IEG work and initiatives. 


People and Talent Management


*  Manages a team of 14 professional evaluation staff, supported by more than two dozen consultants and various collaborators in various engagements. This includes work program assignment, recruitment of suitably qualified and experienced new team members, supervising and guiding teams, motivating, mentoring and coaching staff, managing performance and career and talent in accordance with IEG and WBG norms. 

*  Maintains the appropriate skills mix to lead IEG evaluations, through recruitment, retention and placements, and ensures balanced work loads of staff, while building a diverse and inclusive Unit where staff are motivated to deliver high quality and high-impact products.

*  Promotes a culture of staff learning, effective teamwork, client engagement, and synergy and collaboration with the other departments in IEG; promotes WBG core values within IEGSP.


Resource Management


*  Helps plan Departmental budget and manages a $5.4 million budget efficiently and effectively, and in full compliance with IEG and WBG fiduciary standards and operating procedures.

*  Ensures timely delivery of work within agreed budgets and timeframes.


Relationship Management


*  Participates actively in IEG ELT, contributes to collaborative and collegial leadership across IEG, supports fellow IEG Managers and stand in for each other as needed. 

*  Maintains productive, responsive and trusting relationships and effective communication with the IEG leadership team, the WBG Board of Directors and the Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE), World Bank, IFC and MIGA counterparts, including corporate departments as well as World Bank Global Practices (GP) and IFC and MIGA industry departments. 

*  Maintain a productive dialogue with other Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), private sector actors engaged in development, civil society organizations, think tanks and academic institutions. Maintains a relationship with Independent Evaluation Groups of other DFIs and private sector institutions as needed, including by sharing lessons and learning from their evaluation work.

*  Represents IEG on relevant World Bank GP Boards as needed.

*  Represents IEG to external audiences as needed.


Knowledge Sharing


*  Promotes timely, cost-effective, innovative and demand-driven learning and knowledge products and services to accelerate dissemination of best practices, lessons learned and recommendations. 

*  In collaboration with the IEG Knowledge and Communication (IEGKC) unit, promotes increased accessibility and usage of IEG knowledge, and innovative ways of using evaluation results to deepen the development effectiveness of WBG work.

*  Promotes “user-centric” approaches in the design of evaluation and learning work to deepen engagement and improve critical “touch points” between IEG and its counterparts.


Selection Criteria


The successful candidate is required to have the following minimum qualifications, skills, motivation, and personal attributes:


*  Master’s or PhD degree in directly relevant area of expertise. Typically, the successful candidate will have 15+ years of relevant experience.

*  Proven track record in evaluation and/or substantial background in analytical work. Evaluation knowledge and management: experience and high level of understanding of the design and delivery of complex evaluations, preferably in a multilateral development bank context; or solid experience in overseeing or leading the successful preparation and effective dissemination of highly complex analytical products for maximum impact, combined with some familiarity with evaluation principles, criteria and methods (qualitative and quantitative) sufficient to provide intellectual leadership and quality assurance of IEG products.

*  Being able to engage on evaluations with operational teams: strong practical understanding of how to engage with operational teams effectively in the design and delivery of evaluations, protecting independence and credibility while promoting learning and ownership from operational staff.

Sound knowledge and understanding of WBG or other international organizations’ operational strategies, processes, and instruments. 

* Prior experience, both operational and policy-related, in key sectors of development covered by IEGFS (Finance, Competition, Investment, Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Energy, Transport, Climate and Water) would be a plus.  

*  Strong familiarity with the private sector, IFC or MIGA operations would be a plus.   

*   Prior track record in successfully supervising a diverse group of highly skilled professionals; demonstrated capacity to motivate and develop teams and lead teams for impact. Ability to coach, mentor, develop and empower more junior staff, to provide seasoned advice to more senior staff and managers, and to work collaboratively with peers.

*  Proactive, inclusive and innovative, with an open and collegial work style and ability to listen and integrate ideas from diverse points of view.

*  Excellent communication, diplomatic and negotiating skills, with demonstrated strong personal maturity, balanced judgment, and a track record of building and maintaining partnerships with colleagues and clients.

*  Excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills, and ability to operate collaboratively across organizational boundaries.

Full details available on the World Bank website. Application deadline 12 April.